Friday, November 6, 2009

Heart Shaped Bookmarks

I just love to make bookmarks and include them in a card for Christmas or with a book. We have 7 children that live in the apartment building across the street from us and I have been working on their presents. I bought the older girls fancy little bags and I'm going to write their name on the inside of them and also include 2 or 3 books. Then we have 2 little boys that I got small backpacks for and they will also get books but I know them theirs will be full of cars very soon. The other little boy is 3 yrs. old and is almost blind, he must have things about 2" from his face to be able to see it. So I bought him a bright blue, red, and white drawstring nylon bag so he would be able to open it easily and he can see the bright colors very well. I also got him 2 of those heavy cardboard page sort of books so he will be able to turn the pages easily. So that just leaves me the 3 Mothers to make something for. But back to my bookmarks, this pattern above works up so pretty and easily, the link to it is below. I'm not going to make any for the kids but I certainly am for a bunch of adults. Take care and keep up the good work.


  1. Molly, these are just adorable! They kinda look like hearts made out of a of my favorite flowers! You find the neatest things!

    How are you doing, girlie? Did the snow pass you by for awhile? I was on the road with Rick last week and have to go like mad this week to try to get caught up....then hit the road again the week after that.

  2. Those bookmarks are super. But even more super is you in thinking of those kids for Christmas. You are really a special sort of person. Yup, I do believe there is a special spot in Heaven for you!

  3. Those bookmarks are great Molly. I bet I could even make them :0) Size 10 thread? Is she talking pearl cotton? I'll have to visit her blog some more. Thanks for the link

  4. I love these bookmarks. They so delicate. The children across the road are very lucky indeed.


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