Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Found Some

I have been looking everywhere for some variegated crocheted thread, Hobby Lobby--no luck, Wallie World--no luck, Ben Franklin--LUCK! Our old store didn't really have very much but then they moved to a new location, and boy did things change. Believe it or not they have added so much new stuff that I never even got around to look at the yarn! I got stuck in the fabric area, found my way to the Christmas stuff, then landed right in the middle of the crocheted thread. They have the biggest spool of white thread I have ever seen. It is 1 1/2 Miles of thread...yes you heard me right. It is huge and cost $16.??, I was really tempted to get one but then decided I'd better look online and price some stuff and read some reviews on it. I am really going to have to make me a list for the next trip so maybe I will be able to look at the yarn. In case you can't tell in the photo what the colors are, I have one pink variegated, one blue and one purple. I can really see these made into some of the little bookmarks, and........a million other things. Take care everybody.


  1. That is really nice that your store improved its inventory. Most of the stores around here are scaling down. Thing is they don't carry stuff and then you go to the internet and then they scale down again. I always have trouble finding what I want around here or have to go like 70 miles to get it. I do like the verigated thread and it will make up nicely. Have fun.

  2. Those are really pretty colors for threads, and will look beautiful in that heart bookmark pattern you showed in a previous post. You will make so many people happy this Christmas when they get one of your thoughtful handmade items.

  3. Lucky you - I have tried for several years to find this (I'm looking for purple) - even online I've not had luck. And we don't have a nearby Ben Franklin - although there is one about an hour south - I might have to take a trip.


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