Friday, January 22, 2010

Birds in the Attic

Okay, maybe that's not really true because we don't have an attic. But if you are a follower of talented Lucy over at Attic 24 you will know what I'm talking about. She made these birds ages ago and very generously shared the pattern and of course I had to try it out, so I made 5 of them. Do you see 5 in the photo? NO, because I gave them away to some of the single ladies out here that just needed something to perk their day up. So when I was cleaning up my yarn mess today (yes, I actually did clean), I ran across this one little lonely bird. He looked so cute just laying there, so I just took his photo. I named him the Bluebird of Happiness. I couldn't believe that I made all those birds and didn't have a photo of any of them. But on to Lucy's blog, I have included the link to her below. She has such a colorful and interesting blog to read, so you must go by and check it out. She has so many great and easy patterns that she is more than willing to share with all of us, and she just comes up with them in her head. Smart lady here. So take a run by there and do a little reading.

Now on to another talented blogger. Crochet Dad is one of my followers and we are also belong to another crochet forum. There is a link below to his blog also. Now he is one of the most talented designers and crochet artists that you'll ever meet. He makes the most fantastic hats, and they aren't just regular cap styles, although he does make those. But to me his highlights are the hats that are more of the Fedora style. You just have to stop by and check out his work. Gene also shows some crochet how-to's, like I said he is very talented. So now you have two places that you must go and visit and make sure you leave them a comment, they will love them. Take care.

Attic 24

Crochet Dad


  1. Hey!! I recognize...
    that bird of happiness cause I made several myself..I just wanted to give one a go and I could not stop and ended up with 6-7 birds and I called them my lil' birds of happiness too LOL Well,they just made you smile when you made them :-) I like Crochet Dad too..I bought one of his ripple patterns with popcorn stitches in it and got stuck...He emailed back and forth with me until I got it..super nice and very helpful.. and very cool patterns he has too!

  2. Golly gee Molly wise minds must think alike 'cause I'm in the process of making several of Lucy's birds right now. It's that ESP thing isn't it? I just love those birds. Did you know that Lucy just had a baby?

  3. Hi, Molly! Happy Saturday. I've been following Lucy for some time, and I've mentioned her a few times in my blog. Looking at all her bright and cheerful colors can make even the darkest day seem festive. I did not know about Crochet Dad, however, so I will be checking out his site. Thanks so much for showing us your little Bluebird. He's does tend to make one smile. :)

  4. You know? I've been seeing these birds all over the place, and I didn't know where to find the pattern! I'm take a look over to Attic 24 right now! Thanks! ~tina (P.S. Just put your button on my right side bar!)

  5. Beautiful birdie Molly.
    Yes, I think we've all tried these birdies. They are addictive!
    Hugs and Love Suex

  6. I haven't done a bird yet! Now I wanna! I have them on my list of must tries though. I am still learning this crochet caper but I am quite enjoying it right now. Ok, maybe this arvo I can try birdie - after I tackle current dishcloth pattern.

    Thanks for joining my blog Molly. I am enjoying yours. Both of them! Lovely!


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