Friday, January 8, 2010

Something So Pretty

For those of you that don't know it we live in South Dakota in a little town. We are right outside the Air Force Base gate and behind the Police Station. This is the sort of traffic we get in our little community, and he had 6 pretty ladies along with him. I think we are going to call him Tiger the Deer, after all he lives in the Woods. Okay, okay, I'll hush now. They were all just gorgeous and not worried about Jay at all as he walked up and took their picture. We sat there for awhile just watching them walk around and eat. It was very relaxing. It makes me feel strange knowing I have venison in my deep freeze.

I belong to a forum called Crochet Soiree, it is just a fantastic place full of all kinds of groups to join and all the people there are very friendly and sharing. Well, we sort of started a group called Random Acts of Kindness (RAK). You just send somebody a little something you think they might like for no reason at all, hence Random Act. Now you can tell them who it is from or not. Tonight I received a marvelous book from Leisure Arts called 50 Fabulous Crochet Thread Motifs by Jean Leinhauser, and they did not tell me who it was from. But let me tell you this is one great book. There are 55 pages in it and there are great photos of each motif and the instructions are very well written. So if you have a little Christmas money left over and like to crochet with thread check this one out, you won't be sorry you did. But I must admit I do have one problem. I'm not going to get anything else done 'cause I'm gonna be busy looking through here trying to decide what to make next. Y'all take care and try to stay warm.


  1. Deer are so beautiful. It's nice that they trust humans if they are safe in that area. I'd feel guilty too if I had Bambi in my freezer *LOL* Hubby almost hit a possom on the way home but we have no deer anymore. Too many housing developments going up.

  2. Nice looking buck. I love watching the deer. My mom said that they come down in her back yard and the neighbors. They go to the bird feeder and eat the bird food. We see more turkey around here than deer.

  3. Oh, I LOVE to crochet with thread! I will check out that book.
    Found you beginning with Bev's Country Cottage.

  4. I love the traffic you get at your place! And what a great RAK! Sounds like a fun way to connect with other crocheters!


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