Monday, February 22, 2010

Lite Crochet

No, I'm not talking about "diet" crocheting, I don't say words like that. Okay, seriously now. I have had 5 eye surgeries so I sometimes have trouble seeing my crocheting especially if I am using dark thread. I had heard about these hooks that have a lite in the hook section so you can see better, but I was afraid it was just a goofy idea. Boy was I wrong! I got a size H hook and went to work. I could not believe #1 how comfortable it was too hold. It is a flat hook with a rubber thumbhold, so there's no more rolling off the table onto the floor, right? Also the light turn on switch, and I mean small, is on the side not under your hand. If you hold the hook like a pencil the switch doesn't even touch your hand and if you hold it like a knife (like I do), it is way down at the end of your hand. So there is no way the switch is going to be in anybodys way. Now one thing else I thought about was, "Do I have to use the light all the time?" Of course you don't. Some smart person figured out to make the hook section clear so the light would shine through easy but if it is the daytime and light colored yarn you can still see very well without using the light. Okay all my problems questions were answered so it was time to get to work.

I LOVE it, the hook itself is very comfortable to hold and to work with. I was not clumsy with it like I was concerned about. The light was not glaring, it would shine down onto my working area and nowhere else, but if I had dropped something onto the floor it also worked as a mini flashlight.

I have included a link to a group that I belong to called Crochet Soiree, it is a fantastic crochet group but that's an understatement. It is a whole crochet universe, they have everything you could possibly think of plus some items you probably have never thought of. They sell these hooks so the link I've included here will take you right to their store and where these hooks are located. I purchased a size H hook because that was what I needed for this project, but trust me I am going to purchase several more sizes. Oh, I almost forgot about the batteries. It uses 3 tiny flat button style batteries but I was worried that maybe this would only last me about one hour and then burn out. Wrong! I do not know how long they will last but i used mine yesterday about 4-5 hours and it is still bright today. So I am sold on it. Jay took some photos so maybe you can get an idea of what it looks like, I hope you can see it good enough. I am working with brown yarn and it really helped me.

I'm not saying this hook is for everyone.....just for those that want to keep a better eye on what they are doing, like me. I forgot to tell you a little bit about Crochet Soiree, it is such a neat crochet place. We all get together and chat about what we are working on or what we are stuck on, and the others on there are ever so nice in offering help or suggestions and if they don't know the answer they can usually suggest someone that does. Most of us all turn to Tamara Gonzales, she is just a whiz at crochet and very nicely lets us know the way that works best for her or explains what the instructions mean when we can't understand all the jibberish. I'll have to keep you up to date on her because she has a crochet book coming out in the spring of this year. But you know what? Why don't you come join us and you will be able to keep an eye out for yourself plus meet a big group of very nice people get free patterns and free help when needed.

Yes, come visit us and become one of the gang just click here:


  1. Golly Molly!
    Oh that rhymes! I was just going to comment on your scarf and then I read this. This sounds a brilliant idea! I'm going to pop over now and have a read. You are so....good informing us all of this. Now that scarf a fantastic idea. I made some wide long scarves years ago, but never thought of doing the simple hood.
    Thanks for both posts I really enjoyed reading them.
    Hugs and Love Suex

  2. Now isn't that little gadget the cat's meow!! That looks like a handy thing and I'm sure it helps you.
    Happy hooking, dear one!! :)

  3. I love those lighted hooks. They are my favorite to crochet with. Unfortunately, they are Eli's favorite too, and he's stolen and chewed up every one I have ever bought. Grrr.

  4. So tickled that you discovered these, it's great when we find ways to make life easier.

  5. I have a couple and they're great when dh is watching tv with the lights dimmed and I'm crocheting.

  6. Thanks for the "heads up" on the lighted crochet hook. What I really want to know is....
    What are you working on?! I've never seen a yarn holder like what you have in your pictures.

  7. I'm with Auntie Em... I have never seen anything like that yarn holder before. Was wondering if those crochet lites were worth it... I usually use my Ott light when I crochet, but sometimes it is a pain to drag it around, so maybe I will give one of those a go. Thanks for the heads up Molly, and do tell all about that neat yarn holder!

  8. Hi there!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I added you to my blog list and a follower... so expect me back!

  9. Thanks for much for the info on the lighted hook, this sounds like something I now have to look into.

    Happy crocheting!

  10. I've been using the lighted hooks for several months now, and I love them. They are perfect for crocheting in the car at night! (While my husband drives, of course...)

  11. That is one neat little gadget there. That yarn your working with looks yummie.

  12. It's so nice to actually read about someone who has used one of these. I hover around them in the store then I end up walking away.
    I'm glad to hear that so far you like it.
    I'll have to pick up one when I go to the states since they can be rather expensive up here.


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