Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Buttons and Hot Pads

Isn't this a cute creation?  It is from the Crochet World newsletter Talking Crochet.  I have included the link to the pattern below, it is the Crochet World link.   I just love these little medallions, they take no time to make and there are so many color possibilities.  Since blue is my favorite color of course I would love this one, but the one I am going to make is going to be of all bright colors.  I am trying so hard to break out of my box and use others colors, I am hoping I can change my ways and not be an old stick in the mud and keep using the same colors all the time.  I can just see it in colors of a spring fashion.

Although the name says this is a Bachelor Button Rug, I think I will use it on a shelf sort of the same way I would use a doily.  Well, on to another project.

Now this photo shows two hotpads that to me are made in a very striking pattern, the link to its instructions can be found below.  I just think they are so very pretty and would make up in so many color combinations.  I do think it is attractive in the fact that they only use two colors which I think really emphasizes the pattern even more.  I think these are going to be on my Christmas Gift list, but they are just too pretty to use!!


  1. Molly,

    You are tempting me on making both of these. I can see the Bachelor Button Rug in all different colors and the hotpads look like something fun to do too. But I'm going to be good for now and get back to the project that I've been working on for a couple of weeks. Maybe next week?

  2. Both projects are beautiful! You find the neatest stuff!!! Are you safe from flooding?! Love ya!

  3. Love both of your current projects.
    Did you pop over the podesigns2 and see my English Cottage Garden quilt, it was one I started when we were on the old blog site.

  4. Thanks once again for showing us such neat things and the directions for finding them! I really like the Bachelor Button rug, and I think I might just start on some of those little "buttons" with my scraps.

  5. Gosh Molly the bachelor button rug is just too cool. I love how you find all these wonderful crochet patterns and also give the links to where you can find them. You're a great friend.

  6. Hello Molly,
    Both projects are really worth trying.
    You do give us some things for thought! I love visiting you to see what's new!
    I'm never disappointed.
    Hugs and Love to you

  7. Love the Button project - can't wait to see the colours you experiment with for it

  8. I think the bachelor button rug would also make pretty placemats, don't you? Can't wait to see what yours looks like.

  9. Love the Bachelor Button rug too. I have a half table in my front hall that it would be perfect on.

  10. Hi Molly! I love the first pattern! I'm even wondering if it might make for a pretty table runner!... I love the potholders too, and agree they would make beautiful Christmas gifts.. Maybe I should make a few too! ~tina

  11. Hi Molly,
    I really love the bachelor button design and I am putting that on my crochet 'to-do' list. I also really love your idea of using all different colors. What a bright beautiful addition to welcome spring. I hope you'll post pictures of the finished project, it sounds lovely!

  12. Hi Molly,
    I hope you are having a good weekend!
    Many thanks for the beautiful square! I am 'over the moon'. You are such a kind lady thankyou! Simply beautiful!
    Hugs and Love Suex


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