Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bag Pattern--Well Sorta

I've had some questions about whether or not I could share the pattern to my bag with the public.  My answer is YES of soon as I write one up.  I just made this one up as I went along but I am going to try to write it up as best as I can.  I have already mailed the bag off to Leisure Arts to be one of their prizes for a CAL we are having at Crochet Soiree for the month of May.

Okay, my finished bag is about 13" wide x 10" tall. 

1.  I made my foundation chain and then joined it to create a ring.  I crocheted 6 rows of hdc working in the round using a cream color. 

2.  I also chose 5 colors of beads to add to the bag, so at this point I added one row of hdc in 4 of the bead colors,

3. I then worked 5 rows of hdc in the cream color. 

4. The next row is where I started to add my beads and I worked  3 hdc between beads. 

5.  I worked 4 more cream rows then another row of beads. 

6. Then 5 rows of hdc in the cream color.

7. Work one row of Shells, then add a row of edging at the top of the shells.

8.  5 more rows of hdc in the cream color, and 1 row of hdc in red.

9.  What you should have now is a big crocheted tube.  Now you can crochet the bag closed at the bottom and add crocheted handles plus the bag closure of your choice.

10. The way I finished mine. Handles-- Fabric cut 4" wide x 30" long, Bag Lining--measure the length and width of your bag remembering to add 1" to that measurement.  1/2" to form hem at the top and 1/2" for the hem at the bottom.  Cut 2 pieces for the lining, sew the ends together to also form a tube that should match the bag tube.

11.  Take the handle fabric pieces and fold both outer edges to meet in the center, then fold one more time to the center which will enclose all the raw edges.  I stitched down each outside edge of the handles to form them.

12.  Pin the handles onto the bag in your place of choice leaving about 1" of handle to be inside the lining.  Now take your lining and place it into the bag pinning it in place.  I stitched around the top and bottom with my sewing machine.  Now working from the inside I pinned the bottom edge closed and sewed it shut.  To form the boxed edge shape I turned the bag wrong side out, pinched the bottom corners flat and sewed across the triangle ends.

Turn it right side out and push the corners out to form a squared bottom.  Guess what You're through!!

I know this isn't the best instructions and I would have better ones if I had written them while I still had the bag.  A big DUH on me!!


  1. Wow, that's clever! I love it, especially the beads and the row of lacy shells. Maybe Leisure Arts will want to publish your pattern.

  2. Yea! Thank you. Now, will you make me one? Hee-hee.

  3. Hi Molly! Thanks for sharing your pattern!.. I finished my beanbag kitty today.. I just have to take pictures sometime tomorrow! Fun pattern.. I'm thinking if I want to do another one or not yet! For tonight though, I'm going to stitch a couple blessings! ~tina

  4. very pretty...I like the look of it, the shape and size...have a good day.

  5. I am fairly new to crochet and this bag will be lovely to make but I need to be able to follow a pattern first. My first cushion (on blog) has been finished and once the joy of that has passed then I would love to have a go at this lovely bag.

  6. You got me started, I started one yesterday, I am winging it a bit, but have the tube portion started..and I am making sc shells rather than hdc...I have some of the cream and sugar yarn or whatever it is called...(I'm stash bustin), I will eliminate the beading on this one. I really like the shape of yours and hope mine comes out the same shape. I really like the fabric handles too. I like them fabric purses, and have one started...but now it is warmning up and I want to do outside things...maybe I will finish it in the cooler weather when I am housebound..have a good w/e.:)

  7. Visiting from Lady Blogger's Tea Party Social! Your creativity amazes me. I've tried to knit - not all that successfully, but I've never tried crochet. I wish I was more talented.

  8. Happy Lady Blogger Society Tea Party! I can't believe you are already counting down to Christmas! WOW!

  9. So cute! I'm so not crafty so I'm always impressed by you folks who are!

    P.S. Found you via the Lady Bloggers Tea Party.

  10. Hi!

    I love this bag. Thanks for sharing the pattern!


  11. Thanks for stopping by my place Molly....I will definately do that...with the towel topper. It is almost done..Would you believe I don't have a button? Have a beautiful day..I'm out going to look for a geranium for my new thrifty find from yesterday...


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