Sunday, September 19, 2010

"G S" is for Granny Squares

Now if you read the title to this post you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out what I am talking about.  The link below is to a great site that has just all sorts of patterns but one that caught my eye is using Granny Squares.  I am the sort of person that finds time to crochet anywhere, although I have curbed myself from doing it in an elevator.  I keep leftover yarn and a hook in my "large" purse so that I can yank it out and get to work whenever I am stuck someplace,  Jay is nice and carries a book......I'm not nice  =)    I have surprised myself on how many squares I can make when I am just goofing off and not really working toward a project end,  I just sort of think to myself that I will just make a square and save it until the day comes that I will have enough to put together to create something.  Of course,  I have no idea what I will make.  I will be as surprised as you will be !!  I also just love the fact that I feel I am using every bit of leftover yarn that I can,  goodness knows I don't need to buy any I have enough to last me through the winter.  But don't you feel good when you have that little bit of yarn left and then find that it can be used on a square or there is enough there to make just one more row on several small squares?  Boy I sure do, I feel like I have just found a pot of gold. 

Speaking of gold......a friend of mine gave me several skeins of yarn she had gotten from Hobby Lobby, it is called Yarn Bee Mosaic Twist and is 3oz., it is part wool, cotton, and acrylic.  It costs around $6.64 a skein.  Now I am sort of cheap and this is a little out of my league for such a small amount BUT, this is the softest stuff I think I have ever worked with.  Now back to the gold part......did you think I had forgotten you?  This yarn has a gold thread spun in with the other colors and to me that is so beautiful,  it seems like all I ever see is silver with the yarn.  It also is a chunky weight which makes it even easier to manage.  So through all of this I am making a scarf (# gazillion) and a purse (haven't a clue on pattern) and as soon as I finish them I will post a photo so you all can see how pretty this stuff really is.

So I suppose if I did less talking and more stitching I might get some work finished----but as that old song goes  "I Gotta Be Me !!"   For you younger ones that have never heard that song before, rest safely because I am not going to sing it, trust me.  Take care my friends and have a great day.


  1. Looking forward to the pictures..and I do remember that song...:)

  2. Lots of work ahead of you and sounds like you are planning even more. That's the way to do it!

  3. Hehe you should check my recent post for my own pot of gold using my leftovers. x

  4. I too carry yarn and hook just about everywhere I go. And a book. And some snacks. I'm prepared for anything, as long as "anything" involves boredom. Basic survival? Not so much. :-)

    I'm like you, I love being able to squeeze every last bit of mileage out of yarn. Unless the final tail of a yarn ball is less than a foot long, I don't get rid of it. With a foot, you can at least make one granny middle.

    Have a great day!

  5. With a foot of yarn, you can make a two-inch square. I have been doing this for years with leftover yarn and have just about completed a Postage Stamp quilt for my daughter. To bring it all together, every fifth row is a solid color. It's beautiful and I will post a picture when done. This project is very portable. Come visit when you can.

  6. funny, i blog too much too, crusing around, reading fun things about crochet and such, but really say to myself 'you should be finishing that blanket'. lol. i love meeting new blog friends~~so i guess it's just as important. i want to start a granny square 'ghan but have no idea how to get all the squares together, it's kind of intimidating.


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