Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shawl Come!!

Okay, enough about my joking.  I can hear all the smirks going on in the back of the classroom.  This is a shawl that I am making from the zillion that I need to make from the two great books that I have won.  One is from Tamara Gonzales blog and Bev Matheson blog, these two ladies each had projects in the books that I won and they are both about Prayer Shawls.  Now how cool is that???  In case you haven't been checking up on me lately, I have been trying to find a regular sort of shawl that I could crochet pretty fast.  I wanted to make several of them and donate to the society, well, I think I found the pattern.  But then I turn the page and I want to do this other one, and on and on it goes.  So I think there might seriously be 3 or 4 that I might make over and over.  But I don't think I can make them all, then in the other book there are 3 or 4 in that one that I could do over and over.  Gosh, I think I'm going a little crazy now!!!!  Okay, maybe not so true. The shawl grows from the left and right sides. Here is the shawl that I have been working on and it is in Tamara's book here is her link:


  1. That is one beautiful shawl!! Looks like you have a winner! Happy Hooking!! :)

  2. That is so pretty, Molly! It would make a great afghan pattern too. Love the colors.

  3. With so many choices you won't get bored, so rotate through your lovely patterns.
    The one in the photo is interesting

  4. WOW...what a beautiful Work! Great!!!
    Enjoy your Week and many Greetings,

  5. This is just beautiful Molly.

  6. Hello there Molly! How are things in the crochet world? I came across this tutorial for crocheted ric rac and immediately thought of you. Thought you might find it interesting.

    Hope all is well with you my inspiring friend,
    -Auntie Em

  7. Molly, you put a link on my ugliest crochet pattern contest giveaway, but you put the link to your main blog. Did you have an ugly pattern you want to enter? If so, make a blog entry about it and post the URL to THAT blog post. I've skimmed your recent posts and don't see anything about an ugly pattern.

    Here's my original blog post about it:


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