Saturday, November 27, 2010

Did Y'all Live Through Thanksgiving?

We had a great Thanksgiving Day Feast, so great that we had to come home to take a nap before going back to pig out one more time.  Now how we were able to down two meals is beyond me but we did it.   So after we just took it easy for the rest of the day, we went to bed.  Wasn't that an exciting day?  We really had a good time and Jay cooked us a great dinner, our lady that we took lunch to had such a good time laughing at Jay that she almost cried.  I suppose we really all needed that nap more than we thought we did, we sure cooked pretty hard.

But we had a good time and here it is Saturday and I still haven't done much of anything yet.  I've been going through my stuff and trying to decide what will take the longest to make and start on that project next.  I still have too many projects to make, oh what will I do?

I suppose I will do what every smart person does on a day like lazy!  Everybody take care and try to get enough rest!!


  1. Glad you and Jay enjoyed the holiday! It never hurts to take a day to be lazy and "recharge"! I plan to do the same thing today...maybe a little hand stitching, but nothing major. Tomorrow I have to sew like a fiend to get some pieced borders on a quilt to send to the longarmer! Big hugs!! Becky

  2. So glad you enjoyed your day Molly!

  3. Glad you had so many good things to eat - my Thanksgiving was small, but very enjoyable and the food was vegetarian and I must say, even though I was full, I wasn't in pain like I normally am with a traditional Turkey dinner!

    Today I'm celebrating 1st Advent Sunday and I'm hoping that everyone will have a peaceful day!


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