Thursday, November 11, 2010

Giveaway !!!

Now just to keep y'all from going crazy, I will let you know that I am still making and digging out things to go to the winner of my Giveaway.  I have found so much to give as a prize I may have to have 2 of those people.  But hubby  says "No, you said one winner and that is what it needs to be."  So, one it is.  But you'd better not plan on doing anything on the 30th of November because after you see what I am sending you, well, let's just say you won't be able to sit still long enough for the postman to get to your house.

I suppose I should quit bragging and just remind you, leave your message on the original Giveaway post, I read each one and some of you ladies have gotten pretty crafty in your language.  Anyway, I read each one and I am filing it in my "Giveaway" file and that's where they all stay until drawing day.  So ladies---keep 'em coming!!   =)


  1. My computer was out of commission for a while, so I'm looking for the original Giveaway post to find out what I have to do to enter. Sounds intriguing!

  2. Hubby's right. Stick to the plan... Keep busy making your Christmas goodies... Come visit when you can...

  3. Crafty eh :)) that put a smile on my face today , thankyou.. I hope today is going well for you, I am Having a mental block with craft at the moment. I have started and ripped out 3 projects this morning.. Never mind, it will happen :))
    Have a blessed day. :))

  4. Just popping in with a little "Hello" today. Have a nice day, Molly! :)

  5. Ok, I'm still looking to figure out where I'm supposed to be entering your Giveaway - if it's this one, please consider me in, but I saw I already commented and was trying to find the correct link. I think I need help ;-)

    Thank you!


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