Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My New Purses--And A Giveaway!!

I finally got the pictures done of the purses I have been working on.  Gracious it seemed like forever before I got the pictures made, as a matter of fact I have already picked out 4 other colors from Hobby Lobby and purchased the yarn for them.  Now how is that for getting started on an early Christmas.  So here are the photos then keep on reading for some other news.

Now don't you think these would be oh so cute for some little girls to carry around?  Now on to the second part of my story.

In case you haven't noticed I have reached 191 followers, I can't believe it.  I thought I was doing great when I reached 10 people!!  Sooooo, when I reach 200 I am going to have a big Giveaway of "something" to do with crocheting.  I won't tell you until we get a lot closer to the big 200, so you'd better stay tuned to see what is going on.  But I will say this......the major prize is not one of these purses.  Gotcha there didn't I???

I will keep up with you if you'll hang in there with me, okay?  Chat with you soon.


  1. Wow Molly! They are lovely and someone is going to be very lucky to win one.... :))

  2. I really like your purses Molly. Especially the left one because of the colours.

  3. Those little pouches are so can even use them for keeping small things in there that are precious - like, for instance, my marbles that I keep losing (metaphorically speaking) LOL

    Nice job and have a wonderful week!

  4. Wow my friend you really created some beautiful purses there. I love the one on the left because of the colors in it. You really are getting a head start on those Christmas gifts aren't you? Can't wait to hear what you're gonna be giving away 'cause I know it's gonna be great!!

    Hugs XX

  5. I am positive that some little girls will be in love with those wonderful bags. All their precious treasures safe

  6. Hey Molly ~ Could you possibly share the pattern for these purses, or at least let us know where it is? They are so cute - and I have an almost-4-yo granddaughter!

  7. beautiful little bags :)) great colours too..
    Wow getting close to the 200 followers that is fantastic, thats because it is a great blog :))

  8. Love these, they sure brought back memories of my Mom's creations!

  9. Good evening Molly,
    Just popping in to wish you a Happy New year, if I am not too late.
    I hopeyou have a very happy year and its always a pleasure to view your gorgeous work.
    These items are just such a wonderful idea!
    Best wishes Suex

  10. Molly,

    Congratulations on reaching 191. That's great and I know it won't be long until you hit 200. Good luck and can't wait to find out what you're going to give away. Talk to you soon!

    Love you,

  11. I love the little purses and you could easily add a heart applique or a little heart from the drawstring for Valentine's day. They turned out really great. Thanks for your kind words Molly, as usual! Congrats on your followers and thanks for grabbing my button.


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