Monday, October 19, 2009

Dog Show

This post has nothing to do with crocheting but has a lot to do with smiles. We had such a great time at the show. The top photo is a friend of ours that comes up from Texas, we are lucky enough to get to see her every year, of course the bottom is me and the middle is such a sweet guy he just steals your heart. A lot of the dog handlers bring their dogs over to my wheelchair and ask if I would mind if they let their dogs smell around my chair. They have a couple of judges that are in wheelchairs and they would like to let their dogs get used to chairs before they go into the ring to perform. Most of them react very well but every once in a while you get one that is really nervous about this big contraption. I got some big kisses from some big dogs, and the little ones just cuddle up, what a rough job ;>) Our friend did really well in her class, this year she only brought one dog to show and she got a blue ribbon for him. He was a Standard Poodle, she takes longer to do his hair than her own. Their hair is amazingly thick and it has to be combed in sections, then she uses hair spray and a hair dryer to get it just right. Boy, I would not have the patience to do all of this, i just like regular dogs that I can rub and scratch.

Now this photo is a funny one. Jay and I were talking and then this nice gentleman walked up and said, "Would you mind telling me where you are from?" I was surprised but I told him that I lived here in South Dakota now but was born and raised in Texas, and could I ask why you would like to know? Then he said that once he heard me talking and that syrupy sweet voice he knew I had to be from the South. I don't believe I have been told that before. We had a very nice conversation and then he went on his merry way. So all in all we had a fun day and I loved petting all the dogs, and i am looking forward to next years show.


  1. Sounds like the dog show was everything you expected it would be. I love dogs. I can't say I'm surprised you have a sweet and syrupy accent... you have a sweet personality.

  2. Wow sounds like you really did have a good time! Love that pic of the boxer. I love boxers, they all seem to be so friendly and smart.



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