Friday, October 16, 2009

Spiderman Afghan Is Finished!!

My face says it all, "I'm Finished!" It turned out really well I think, and I'm sure he will love it. But I am really ready to start another project, and please let it be something small. I have so many ideas for Christmas gifts that I am just daring to get started on that I really don't want to go to bed tonight, but I know I must. I will be up bright and early tomorrow so Jay and I can go to the Dog Show in Rapid City. We have a friend that comes all the way from Texas to show her 4 dogs so we go and help her out.....we get to help with the dogs, some work huh? I just love seeing all of them. Every year we go there are always some of the trainers that come up and ask if I would mind holding their dog (mind? yea right), they have a judge that is in a wheelchair and the dogs are scared of her so they want them to get close to me and my chair so they can see and smell what it is. What a job, but somebody has to do it *LOL*. You just haven't lived until you have been kissed by a St. Bernard!! Okay back to my afghan, the top photo just shows how tickled I was to be through with it and the bottom photo shows it all layed out. Now to get it wrapped, uh, I think I will put it in one of those huge gift bags, that would be much quicker and easier. Y'all have a good weekend so you can tell us about everything you did.


  1. That's just about the cutest thing I have seen in ages! It will definitely be a hit.
    Enjoy the dog show!

  2. Wow Molly, that is really neat. Have fun at the dog show tomorrow.

  3. Very cute! I made a baby one about a year ago and it was a big hit with the parents. I'm sure yours will be well loved.

  4. What a cool and fun idea for an afghan! I may have to do one one for my grand baby! It's so colorful and cheerful. How could a little boy not love this?!

    Hope you have a fab time at the dog show. Have a great weekend!


  5. Great afghan Molly. It's so nice to see your smiling face too. I love dogs. I miss my dog so much, I sure wouldn't hate getting to help out at a dog show either.


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