Wednesday, November 25, 2009

8 Minute Yarn Bells

These little bells are very easy and quick to make. They are a great way to use up those leftover bits of yarn. It truly only took me 8 minutes to make one as there are only 5 rows to work. The string hanging down is the loop to hang it on the tree, the lady these will go to has a blind little 3 yr. old boy and he is still in the touching stage. So I thought a bunch of these bells would look nice and if he grabs them they are empty and just soft yarn. I am also making her some thread angels to go a little higher on the tree, it won't hurt if he grabs them either but I thought it would be nice for them to have something pretty for the tree. She is a single mother that escaped a bad household with just the clothes on their back and her son, so she really appreciates any little thing we do. Okay, enough chatting (right?) here is the pattern so you can make some of your own.

Yarn Bells

H hook
Small amounts of yarn
Size 2 1/2" tall

Row 1-- Ch 4, join with a sl st to first ch to form a ring. Ch 3, work 11 dc into ring, join with sl st in top of starting ch 3. (12 dc)

Row 2--Ch 3, dc in next dc, 2 dc in next dc, *dc in each of next 2 dc, 2dc in next dc, * repeat from * to * all around. Join as before (16 dc)

Row 3 & 4--Ch 3, dc in each dc all around. Join as before. (16 dc)

Row 5--Ch 3, dc in same st, 2 dc in next dc, and 2 dc in each dc all around. Join as before, cut thread leaving a good enough end to hide in the stitching. (32 dc)

Hanging Loop--You can either take a piece of yarn and run it through the top of the bell, tie into a knot to create a hanging loop. You can also just use a regular metal hanging loop, an added item is to string a jingle bell on the inside so it will ring when it is bumped or shakened.


  1. Molly you are so thoughtful. You find things like that and have a knack of knowing exactly who to make them for and why. I'm sure the mom will be grateful for these. Things may be rough for her but she's a very brave lady and deserves lots of nice things like these.

  2. Molly, I tell ya, you are earing that special place in Heaven. You are something else.


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