Thursday, November 19, 2009

Crocheted Snowflakes

I know there was a snowflake swap going on here somewhere but I don't remember where. So I am just going to post this link here so maybe some of y'all will know who needs it. There are some gorgeous things here, make sure you click on the 10 pages noted at the bottom. They are all in pdf format but they are just fantastic, I hope you find something you will like. Okay, on to something else. While I was just playing around on here I ran into a very nice shop that makes and sells their crochet hooks, knitting needles, and drop spindles. So of course I had to pop in there and look around. Well...I needed to call the paramedics to jump start my heart, I almost died when I saw the hooks selling for $34.99, yes you heard me right. Are you still with me or did you faint? Do you know what I would do if I had one of those and somebody touched it? Now I will admit they are so beautiful, but somewhere there I lost the thing of my projects being made from the heart and given to people that really need a gift or just people I want to give something to. Shoot, I guess I could just give them a hook. You know after I bought one of those I wouldn't be able to afford the yarn!! Okay, I guess I have ranted enough. Not really but I will hush for now anyway. If anyone wants to see some beautiful wooden hooks or needles then go to the second link I've included, but get you a cool rag and a glass of water before you go shopping. Chat later


Wooden Hooks and Knitting needles


  1. Oh Molly, you're a hoot! I totally agree with you. The objects are certainly beautiful, but my skinflint tendencies wouldn't allow it. 20 years ago I had someone come and demonstrate the Rainbow Vacuum. It was fabulous....wonderful product....but I would never...NEVER pay over a thousand dollars for a sweeper.....even if I had $1000 to spend....which of course I didn't!

  2. Thanks for the crochet snowflake link. There are some beautiful patterns there. I think the crocheted Christmas tree on page 4 is really cute.
    AS for the fancy needles, well maybe if someone was looking for a gift for their crochet friend who already has everything? But I'm with you...I'll stick to my hobby store hooks and spend money on thread or fabric instead.

  3. Holy cow! I can't believe those crochet hooks! I'd never be able to find it if I had one like that. I'm used to a crochet hook being grey/silver. Those are way too fancy to even use. I guess like Em says there are people who have everything that could afford to buy one.
    Thanks for the link. At my level of crochet I think I could do the yarn ones. I certainly couldn't do anything as delicate and beautiful as yours Molly.

  4. Glad you warned us about the prices before we took a look girlfriend! LOL Geez You are so right I wouldn't be able to buy the yarn either. I would hope the learn the principle of supply and demand 'cause at those prices I can't even imagine having much of a demand for them! ROFL Glad you survived the shock.


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