Thursday, December 17, 2009

Early Christmas Gift

This is a close up of the garland that I received from a neighbor of ours. She made it out of a string of decorative Christmas beads. This one is 12 feet long, isn't that something? Here's the pattern for you:

Row 1--Make *1 sc in the space that is between the beads, then ch 4, work sc in next sp*. Work from * to * all the way to the end of your bead string. Ch 1, turn.

Row 2--Work *1 sc in sc, then work 4 sc in the ch 4 sp* work from * to * to end of string. Ch 1, turn

Row 3--Work 1 sc in each sc all the way to the end. End off yarn.

That's it, on mine Row 1, and Row 2 are done in white then Row 3 is done in red. She showed me some others she had done and she had them in every color you could think of. The blue beads with 2 rows of white and baby blue trim was just gorgeous, I asked her if she would mind if I copied her project and she very nicely said I had her permission. But there's no way I can make it this year but I have to buy the beads now before all the Christmas decorations are gone. She also said that it is okay to cut the long string of beads into shorter lengths, they don't come apart. So I just thought I would pass this little idea along, it is very inexpensive and just takes a little time. My list for next year is already growing and I haven't made it through this one yet !! Here's to hoping y'all are doing better than I am on being almost through. I better get back to work, chat later. Molly


  1. Oh my goodness Molly! Isn't that just beautiful? I've got to make that too! I already have several strings of red and also white beads that I've used in years past. I didn't use them this year but you can bet if I get some made, they'll be up next year!

  2. Ooohhhh, Molly! I really like this one! I'm gonna go get some blue beads and have them ready for my white vacation tree next year!!

  3. That is so neat. What a great idea. I am putting that on my list of things I want to do too. I like to crochet but haven't in a long time. Maybe I will get my hook back out.

  4. Molly, they look lovely, such a nice gift.
    Best Wishes to you and your family, Merry Christmas. Patricia

  5. Oh I like this! I will have to try making it after the holidays and put it away for next year. I think I understand the directions.. not

  6. what a wonderful idea...I just bought 2 sets of string beads at my favorite local thrift store and I have been trying to think of what to do with them. They were only a $1 both both strings. :) This is a great idea for a gift for next year for my neighbors.. thanks for sharing. "D"


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