Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tunisian Knit Stitch

I'm sure you all know about Teresa's videos online and they are just super. To me she talks in plain english and also does a slow motion segment that I think really helps you to see the stitch and understand how it is made. If you have done Tunisian or the Afghan stitch before then this method just has one little step that will be different for you. A lot of us like the look of knit but don't really want to learn how to do it. This procedure will surprise you as it really looks knitted. I enjoy working this because I feel like I don't really have to think about what I am doing, I can just keep on working. For those that know me will understand that I don't like to do a bunch of thinking....I get a headache. So watch this video and then you can give it a try on dishcloths, scarves, slippers, caps, oh no. I feel that headache coming on, I think I'll just go to the movie. Take care everybody and enjoy the show.


  1. Hello dear,the video is very good! I used work it in a little different way but even that way must be nice! my little girl loves your hamster, so while I'm typing she feeds him!!!!!!!! So I was thinking I was typing!!!!!! I always like to came and se your place! Ciao

  2. Her videos are great. I learn better by watching people rather than patterns, I just can not read patterns! Always loose my place or get bored trying to follow.
    Hugs and Love

  3. Thanks for sharing Molly. I'm visual too so I like to be able to see things. I rarely follow a pattern when I'm sewing, I just look at the pictures. If there's no pictures then stuff doesn't always come out the way it's supposed to.

  4. Wow. I really really want to give this a try. Your video is wonderful and makes it look so easy. Thanks for stopping by my garden, so glad to have you as a new friend.

  5. Great tutorial isn't it? But it stops where she says "it will curl" what do we do about that? Help me Molly.

  6. Hi Molly!

    Everytime I try Tunisan Crochet, the sides of the piece I crochet don't stay straight. I always seem to lost a sticth. Hopefully this will help. THAAK YOU!!!


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  8. Great tutorial. Of course, I picked up the new Interweave Crochet the other day and am absolutely in love, love, love with the Tunisian Ruana on the front cover. I must be good and finish what I already have started. It is so hard to resist. ~Kelly Oops - a little posting trouble, sorry.

    unDeniably Domestic


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