Sunday, January 3, 2010

From A Circle To A Square

The title reminds me of that old song, "From a Jack to a King." Remember that one? Okay I'm showing my age here, but it was a good song. Since Christmas is over and we can work on other projects I have been just running through all of my WIP's to see what I would like to finish first. Well, they all came in 3rd or 4th, nothing jumped out at me and said "Finish me please". So of course that means I get to play all day just checking out what everybody else is doing. Naturally I wind up at YouTube and at Teresa's place and discover her tutorial on how to first crochet a circle then change it into a square. Now I thought that was a pretty neat trick to learn so that is the big thing I have done today. So below I have posted her video so you can see how it comes out. Maybe tomorrow I will actually get some work done...probably not. 8>) Jay has to go with the Patriot Guard tomorrow for two funerals, and it is going to be so cold and windy, plus there is a good chance of snow.

Have y'all been watching all the diet commercials on TV? They keep saying to start 2010 off right, let's lose weight. Now that would be great, if it meant to just not eat as much as usual. But noooo, they want me to stop eating certain foods completely. Well, that's just not normal. If I wasn't suppose to eat ice cream then it would be illegal to sell it, and if bread wasn't good for me they would do away with it also. I figure that as long as it is for sale I should be able to buy it and eat it. Now you know when you see the sign that says "limit 3"? I respect that and only eat 3 of them. So to me there is no problem what so ever. Okay, my rant is over for today. I'll think about that diet tomorrow, after all tomorrow is another day. quote from Scarlett O'Hara


  1. I enjoy watching the shopping channels, but lately I've been growing VERY tired of CONSTANTLY seeing all the exercise equipment!.. ENOUGH already! Boots, bags and bling.. THAT'S what I want to look at and shop for! In the meantime, I like the way you think! You just go ahead and eat what you WANT! You know what's best for YOU! (0; Well, I've got some housecleaning to do here, then I may very well start looking through my OWN unfinished projects, to see what I can do! Have a good day, and STAY WARM! ~tina

  2. I only have one or two WIP's that are waiting for me and they aren't crying out to me either. Wonder what the deal is? I think I'll do a lot of tutorial watching. (tee hee)

  3. I'll have to try this along with everything else Molly!
    I started back at my slimming club last night. New Years Resolution. I have a stone to loose, not too much but it's gotta go!
    These videos are cool aren't they? Great fun.
    Hugs and Love to you Suex


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