Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Great Baby Sweater

Now the link below is really not to a pattern but it is to a tutorial on how to construct your own style of baby sweater. She does excellent photos to help you along the way as she explains what she is doing. My gosh, I can't do that because y'all can't see my hands moving around, I look like there is a wasp after me or something. Jay wants me to do a tutorial because I bought him a new video camera for Christmas. Now if I had known he was going to want to film me I'd have bought him a sweater. For those of you that don't know this I was born and lived in Texas until 2004 when we had to leave the heat and move someplace cooler. Now I have noticed that when I type I don't have a southern accent.....but when I talk, (Katie bar the door) 'cause my words get real loooong. Anyway, I've had a few ladies ask me about Hairpin Lace and I have tried to explain it to them, here go the hands again, but they have trouble getting certain parts of it. So, here we are back at Jay's camera, should've gotten him a sweater. Now how did I get off the sweater tutorial? Anyhooo, she does just great on it. So if you are thinking about making a sweater or perhaps a dress and sort of want some help in the design department, go check it out. Then for supper have some beans and cornbread. Enjoy!


  1. Molly, you're a hoot! You make me smile. Have a great day, dear one!

  2. Thanks Molly for sharing. From one southerner to another, what? I thought all ya'll understood us! lol Beans and cornbread it is with some fried green tomatoes too.

  3. Give a Boy a toy and he wants to play....don't blame him. I think the idea is great! You are his one and only star anyway!


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