Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Keyhole Scarf

A bunch of us are making scarves and donating them because January is Heart Awareness Month. I made this one very fast, it is just a small one but fits nicely around your neck and is just as good as a fashion piece or a warmth addition. It is worked lengthwise and you only have 12 rows to do and you are finished. It doesn't get much easier that that. I am including the link to a whole page of scarves from Crochet Pattern Central, there are Keyhole scarves in it also plus regular types of scarves. If you decide to help with this worthy project I am also including the address where you should mail yours.

This all came about because of a very good friend of mine and a very sweet person by the name of Barbara Moore. She and her husband went on a trip to visit her son so naturally she crocheted while Leroy drove....sounds like a perfect arrangement to me. Anyway, she was telling us that she actually finished her red scarf on the trip. Well, we all wanted to know about this red scarf project. We are sort of like the Muskeeters--One For All And One For All. So she explained that January is Heart Awareness Month and February is Womens Heart Awareness Month and that is why she was working so hard on getting her scarf finished so she could start another one. Of course, the whole bunch of us jumped in and said we'd help make them also.

Finally this long story gets to an end...sure it does! One more idea. I know all you sweet people have your own favorite charities and you work all year on items to send to them. If you could find it in your busy schedule to make just one red scarf you would not only be just making a scarf you would be adding some warmth to the world and a smile on so many faces. I'm not begging I'm simply asking you to think about it. Thank you ever so much for listening to my long story, and "Thanks" to all that decide to help us. But especially thanks to Barbara Moore for brining this to our attention, you go girl!!

Mail your finished scarves to: Women Heart Scarves Program c/o Big Show Fulfillment 1525 Gin Road Gold Hill, NC 28071

Lots Of Scarf Patterns

Barbara Moore's Blog--a neat place, go visit her


  1. What a great idea !! great scarf to !

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  3. What a great idea. Sorry I deleted my first post but I wanted to edit it and deleted it instead. Thanks for the link. I'll see what I can do about making one.

  4. Thank you Molly for all the great talk about me and also for bringing the red scarf project to the attention of so many people. I plan on doing a write up on my blog asap.

    Love ya friend!

  5. I saw a scarf like this a few years ago. I think they are such a good idea, to be able to tuck it in like this!
    Love your blog Molly!
    Hugs and Love Suex


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