Friday, March 26, 2010

Four Triangle Square

Isn't this a neat square?  I got the pattern from the site that I shared with y'all yesterday.  The link above is to the page where down on the right side you will find it listed as Four Triangle Square.  It is surprisingly easy to do even though just by looking at it I thought,  Oh boy I'm gonna get a headache out of this one!!  But not so, as a matter of fact I am making another one right now, well not as I type I'm not that good.  When I first saw this square I thought about making it in coordinating colors, so I did.  But then when I couldn't go to sleep last night,  I thought of a million different color combinations, and came up with some good ideas.  Like the one I making now each triangle is a different color, deep purple, yellow, bright green, and ? That is where I took a break to write this post.  The last color may be red or turquoise, or something else, I never know what I'm going to do, I just sort of jump in the middle and go.

One of the things I thought I would make is a small blanket like maybe 24" square, which would be 16 of these squares.  In each one I would make each triangle a different color, bear with me on this 'cause sometimes my ideas sound pretty goofy.  Okay, so we have all these different colors and the shapes of triangles and squares, now I'm an old pre-k teacher, so I wanted to make this and take it to my old school so the kids can practice shapes and colors.  I used to have them play a game about putting huge washers on certain colors and shapes on a quilt that I had made.  They had a blast playing that because they could take their shoes off and be real fast.  When I left the school I gave the quilt to them to go to the other children.

Anyway, here I go rambling again so I guess I'd better end this and get back to my square.  I hope you all have a great weekend and good weather to go along with it. 


  1. Can't wait to see your square. What a great stash buster and I bet the small blanket of these would be great!

  2. They are lovely and cheerful squares and what a great idea for the children to learn from them - in a soft, safe way ;-)
    Have a great weekend,
    Doris :-)


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