Sunday, April 18, 2010

Are you looking for a Christmas item?

No, I haven't gone bonkers, I work on gifts all year long and just happened upon this Snowflake Doily and decided i must make it.  The pattern works up to be 9 1/2" across which is not a huge doily and to me it will be just the right size. I think I am going to do mine in white for the base and blue for the other part.  I'm also going to see if I can work up one that will be about 3-4" across which can be used as a coaster or something that can be tied onto a gift.  The link to the pattern is below and yes I know you're not in the mood to make Christmas items will be here before you know it and since I am so slow I am going to keep working on it now.  So at least go take a look and maybe bookmark it just in case.


  1. Hi Molly! Oh you bet I AM in the Christmas mood if I can get something done ahead of time!! I like to get at least something done towards Christmas each month, so that I can at least be a LITTLE ahead with my gift list, by November/December! I will definitely give this a try, and let you know how it/they come out! Thanks for sharing the idea! ~tina

  2. Nice doily, although I would chose different colors if I were to make it for Christmas. I have seen this pattern before when I searched on Crochet Pattern - is that where you found it? They have tons of free patterns - enough to make a different one each month (but probably more.)


  3. This is so lovely....I like it.You have such a beautiful Blog , I found you in Sibol´s blog.I love to crochet and I enjoy it since I was little.I´m inviting you to enjoy my blog if you have a chance, but it is in Spanish....You will be very WELCOME !My English is a little poor but trying to do my best.
    Wishing you a nice and beautiful week.Here in Texas is been raining ,still cloudy.



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