Thursday, April 1, 2010


Is everyone familiar with RAK?  It stands for Random Act of Kindness, and let me tell you we have a busy bunch of them over on Crochet Soiree.  We have all agreed to go on our page and put items we would like to have in our Stash category file. Then if anyone decides they would like to give you a gift  "just because" they can go look through your Stash and see if they want to choose something from there or they can get an idea of the type of things you like.

Let me tell you I have been so blessed with gifts it is unbelievable.  I received a thread crochet book that has 50 square motifs in it, a beautiful wood handled size 7 steel crochet hook, 2 of the Crochet Lite hooks, and it goes on and on.  But let me tell you about the latest one I have received.

Yes it is the doily pictured above, isn't that just the most beautiful thing ever?  First off, I love hearts, so do you see all the hearts all around it?  Plus do you know how much time it took to make this?  I was just stunned when I opened this package. I would love to know who made this because I would really like to thank her. 

 So I am going to make a guess here and see if I am right or not.  We have an extremely talented lady at Crochet Soiree that is a crochet designer, she creates unbelievable things and so graciously shares them with everyone. Her name is Tamara Gonzales, and I just have a hunch that this doily is from her.  So if I am right and she wants to claim the fame that would be great, but if she wants to stay quiet I understand.  Regardless of who made it I love it.  You see there are 36 hearts in this doily and my husband and I have been married 36 years, so you see I feel there is a special connection with this doily.  I am going to frame it and hang it here beside my computer.  Maybe some of her talent will rub off on me.  I can at least dream can't I?


  1. Hi Molly!

    Ok, I guess you found me out. But you're a very smart lady and figured it out pretty quickly. That's so cool that it has 36 hearts and you've been married 36 years. Wow what a coincidence! I'm so glad that you like it and I love that you will be framing it. You are a very special lady and give so much of yourself to other people and you deserve a lot more than just a doily.

  2. It's so very pretty Molly. How neat that it has 36 hearts! Sounds like a great group to belong to.

  3. Wow Molly that is just so sweet! I love the doily and the talented lady who made it. You do so much to inspire others and to help others in anyway that you can, you certainly deserve it my friend.

  4. Hope you find lots more happiness this Easter
    Louise x

  5. THis is beautiful Molly. I too love Hearts. I am extremely upset today! I was putting clothes back in my Daughters chest of drawers and I caught my ring in the drawer. Don't ask me how but it has completely sheared off the top of my Engagement ring. My ring has two hearts each side and then it is mounted in white gold and has a diamond. The whole top piece came off the shank. I am so upset! My Eternity ring has hearts all around, my wedding ring was made to order the ring has shaped hearts all around. I am so upset.
    But that doesn't spoil your beautiful doiley. A lovley piece of work, meant for you!
    Have a good EAster Molly,
    Hugs and Love Suex.
    Taking it to the Jewellery Quarter next week hopefully they can do something with it.
    I will post some photos on my blog

  6. The best thing about knitting/crochet (besides the amazing things you can learn how to make) is the giving and thoughtful nature that each person in the community seems to possess.

    That's such an uncanny coincidence that you've been married for 36 years and that the doilie has 36 hearts!

    Hope you have ahappy Easter!

    Nushki xx

  7. GUESS WHAT? You've been hit again, by the RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS Fairy!!

    YOU WON!! 8 CROCHET PATTERNS in my Give-Away!

    Send me your mailing info, so I can get them in the mail to you. You'll find my email addy under the 1st picture in the right column of my the text.



  8. Hi Molly! I was not familiar with Crochet Soiree! I just registered there now, and plan to make the scarf, for the crochet along... but I'm not real familiar yet of navigating around the site yet, nor do I see any way to make friends, or groups from what I can see. Under "my account" I see a category for "stash" but I don't see what to do from there. I go to projects page, and I don't know what I'm supposed to do there. As far as RAKs and going to "our Page" to somehow enter items we wish for... Now I'm really lost! Help?? ~tina


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