Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Crocheting Or Quilting?

The block above is known in the quilting world as a Log Cabin Block, so I decided maybe I should make one for the crochet world also.  It made up very quickly and I am pleased with how it looks, I think I will name it a Crocheted Log Square.  For a quilt block the center is generally red to represent the fire in the fireplace, then the strips on one half are light colors and the other half are dark colors.  This represents the light of the fire and the shadow of the fire. It is very easily made:

1.  Center square-(Red) ch 10, work in sc for approx. 5 rows.  The object is to crochet a square so your tension may be different than mine so just keep making rows until you have a square.  End off yarn.

2. Light strip-(Yellow) connect your yarn into the last row of red just made, work in sc across row, work 3sc in last sc of row to create a corner,  work in sc along the side of the square.  When you reach the last st ch 3 and turn.  Work in sc making one st in each st, 3 sc in center st at corner, continue in sc to end.  Continue working until you have made 4 rows,  each time making 3sc in center sc of previous row.

3.  Dark Strip-(Turquoise) connect yarn into the end of yellow section, sc across the yellow section and across the red square.  When you reach the red corner work 3sc in same st, then continue in sc across the other side of the square and the other end of the yellow stripe.  Continue in sc rows until you have made 4 sc rows with 3 sc in corner in the center st.

4. Light Stripe-(Pink) connect pink yarn into the end of the turquoise strip and work in sc across, then across the yellow, work 3 sc in corner st, continue in sc across the other side of the yellow and the end of the turquoise.  Continue working until you have 4 sc rows done with 3sc in corner.

5.  Dark Stripe-(Purple) connect purple yarn into the end of pink strip, sc across the pink section and the turquoise, then work 3sc in corner, then continue in sc across the other turquoise side.  Continue until you have made 4 sc rows done with 3sc in corner.

Now this square ends up being 7" with me using an "H" hook,  naturally you can use whatever size hook or yarn you want so that you can achieve the size square you would like.


  1. LOVE this block . . . I think I will make it up for a swap I am in.

    Thanks for the posting it.

  2. Wow Molly this is an awesome block! I've got to give it a try. Thank you for the pattern girlfriend!

  3. Molly,

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful crocheted block and the explanation of a log cabin quilt block with us. I always wondered why they called the quilt a log cabin quilt, now I know. Thanks Again!!

  4. I, too, was curious about the name "Log Cabin" quilt or square. Thanks for enlightening me. I love your square and I think I'll need to make some. :)

  5. Started my CAMPFIRE colors square last night . . ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Have to get more yarn in one of the colors and then will post it when done . . and like to your pattern.

    LOVE THIS PATTERN ! ! ! ! !

  6. Beautiful square Molly. Nice to see something different in crocheting.
    Hugs and Love Suex

  7. Love the log cabin motif!

    I used to quilt so knew right away what you were doing. Very nice. I may end up using your idea for a project. Definitely bookmarking it :)

    Thank you for dropping by my blog as well. It's always nice to see a new face.



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