Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Rose By Any Other Name

I received an email from an old blog friend of mine, she was trying to find her pattern for the Two layered Irish Rose, but she had lost it or something. So she wanted to know if I would send her a copy of my pattern....sure, if I could find it. My filing system is the pits to put it mildly, but I started digging through bookmarks. I found some really interesting things in there, it's kinda like going through all those boxes you had from when you were in High School and seeing all those old memories come to life. Alright, where was I, oh yea, anyway I found my two favorite sites for roses so since Velda needed them I thought I might as well share them with everybody else. After all Mother's Day is not too far off and maybe you might need a whole bouquet of flowers. Have fun looking through them, but don't worry they don't have any thorns.

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  1. Hi! You sound like me...I have so many printed free patterns that I have to dig to find what I want. I need to file them according to subject. of these days...when I need something to keep my mind occupied. :o)BTW...I found you by Crochet Pattern Slut (Paula).


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