Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Do You Like The Space At The End Of The Rows?

I don't know about y'all but I hate the hole that my ch 2 or ch 3 creates when I start a new row.  Then I found this video that fixes that problem for me.  It took a little while for me to do it smoothly but now this is the only way I work it.  I must admit I still do it the old way when I am changing colors, hopefully I will figure out how to do it this way soon.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy watching this and will at least give it a try sometime.  One hint, it is very important that you hold onto the large loop with your finger like it shows, if you let go of're done for. 

Okay, I must go and work on my scarf from the CAL over on Crochet Soiree.  We are using one of Tamara Gonzales new patterns and we have until April 30 to finish it, so there really isn't a big rush.  For the ones that post a finished photo of their scarf your name goes into the drawing for some fantastic prizes. There still is plenty of time so when you have a minute stop by the link below and join us, we have so much fun and lots of chit chat.  Come join in.


  1. Wow, Molly! I just picked up my scrappy pink yarn and hook that were within reach and followed right along with the video! HOW COOL!!! It took me a couple of rows to get it looking decent, but I really like it. And, I'm like you . . . I hate those holes at the ends of rows made with the chains! Thanks so much for pointing out this video!!

  2. This is GREAT, Molly! I hope I can learn it well enough for it to become a habit. Wish I knew it when I recently crocheted that afghan for my grandson. I'll bet if you ask Teresa how to change colors doing that technique at the end of the row, she will make a video on it. :-)

  3. That is the best tip!!! Thank you so much for showing this!!

  4. That is amazing! I love it.
    Thanks so much for teaching me something new today. It is definately the only way I'm going to start my dc rows from now on!


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