Friday, July 2, 2010

Christmas In July #2

Is everybody ready for another set of Christmas ideas?  Okay, let's go.

Boy's Ninja Gloves

These work up very quickly and it is one way to make sure those boys at least try to stay warm.

Camo Backpack

This drawstring backpack is good for boys and girls, plus you might find some on your list that would like to have one just to carry around.  Of course different colored yarn would help you out if you needed to make several.  It could also serve 2 purposes, you could put pj's in there and use it as a gift bag plus overnight bag.

Girls Wrist Warmers

These wrist warmers are so very pretty and make a good addition to add that little something else to your gift.

Simple Wrist Warmers

If you need another set of wrist warmers here they are.  These are a made a little different  but just as easy as can be.


  1. Those are really nice items for the winter...I've not started on my Christmas crocheting - I'm still busy trying to catch up with all my blogging ;-) - and I know, I'll have to let that go if I want to get anything done ... have a happy 4th of July and be safe :-)

  2. I really like the wrist warmers and also the backpack. Thanks!

  3. Girl, you are on a roll!!! Hook away!!!

  4. Very cute ideas... I'm diffantly going to be making a few of these soon!!!

  5. A great idea would be to make the wrist warmers for a young teenager and also give her a beginner's crochet set to get her started on a lifetime of great crafting! Thanks for sharing...

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  6. Great ideas. I might make one of those backpacks for myself if I ever get time to do anything for myself. The Ninja gloves are neat. I've knit them before. But the ones I made had a mitten end attached that would come down to cover the fingers if they got cold. I made a set for Angela's triplets as a Christmas gift and they actually asked for a larger pair as they got bigger. Guess I have had some success at knitting. Thanks for the links.


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