Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trouble With A Small Scarf

Has anybody ever had trouble making a small scarf?  Well, I have.  This scarf is for a little 3 yr. old girl who wants to dress like her two big sisters and so she needs a scarf.  Now my first thought is---choking hazard.  But her Mom insists she will be careful,  but I'm still worried.  So instead of making her the button up style that Mom wants I am making her a regular scarf but not very wide and not very long.  Since this is a freebie I figure Mom can complain all she wants to but I am not going to be responsible for this little one getting caught on something and there being problems.

The photo I am showing you is what I am making her and it is about halfway done, like I said it is not going to be very long.  But I must admit I do love the yarn, it is Red Heart Super Saver and the color is Monet, I decided that since it is a freebie I could use this saved bit and not have to buy anything.  Mom said the color didn't matter so that was a blessing.  I am only working the scarf in hdc all the way so it is going fast.

I am ready to fnish this scarf and get back to my beaded necklace bag, after all I need it finished to mail before Christmas !!!!!  Here's my photo, I really like the colors.


  1. Cute and reminds me of cotton candy or something similar. She will be pleased.

  2. I think it is precious, a curly scarf would have been cute to.

  3. That scarf is cute. I don't remember being 3 but I think 3 year olds don't particularly care if things are exactly alike. Just the fact that her scarf is made of the same wool should be enough. I do remember being a mother of a 3 year old though and how what seemed important to me and what I fretted over didn't bother the 3 year old at all.

  4. Love the yarn as well. I know that little one will be tickled with her new scraf.


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