Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I've Got The Blues

Actually I do.  Going from one Giveaway Day to just a regular old day is pretty boring.  So that means I had to actually do some work today.  I had to sit down and write myself a letter of intent on presents that I still plan to make.  Talking about a long list--but a much more interesting one anyway.  Until I reminded myself that my husband has a birthday on December 9, do I have him anything?  No.  Do I have anything planned for him?  No.  Am I going crazy about now?  Yes.  I have stayed up tonight so I could go through some of my patterns and see if I could find something that just jumped out at me.......well, so far no luck.  My husband is a real man, he pats me on the back when I make something and tells me how good it looks, heaven forbid if I ask him what it is.  He cooks great and does all the cleaning as well as Martha Stewart does, but when it comes to yarn gifts, I am out of luck. 

So I am back to my patterns to see if I can find him something, unless somebody out there in blogland has a super idea they want to cast my way I will still be here in the morning.  But trust me, if I find a great pattern, y'all will hear me roar.  Night Ladies and I'm off looking.


  1. How about a Snuggie? Or as my daughter calls it, "A blanket with arms"! I made one for myself, and my guy and my daughter hog it! Definitely need another one! Red Heart has a free pattern for one.


  2. Something tells me that even you couldn't get a snuggie done by Dec.9, hehe. How about some warm socks? I know my hubby loves knitted ones but if you've ever made crocheted some maybe you could do that.

    Hugs my friend XX

  3. some men like scarves with pockets to tuck away the remote, a good book, reading glasses and so forth that they always lay around the house and then cannot find. I just finished one for a friend for Christmas, it is on my Raverly site project page.

  4. Hmmm, a car blanket? A hat? Crochet a rectangle, fold it in half and sew up the sides making it into an envelope (make the back flap into a triangle if you know what I mean by folding it like an envelope back...inside write a note with a heart on it saying it is for a free lunch out for the two of you whenever he does not feel like cooking! Oh, you could attach a crocheted heart applique or a birthday cake on front of the envelope. That way you get a break too of not having to quickly make up something you are not sure he'll want anyway! I hope you can find something tonight. Take care.

  5. Molly,

    I'm so sorry to hear that you've been ill. I hope you're better now? I'm probably too late to give any tips, but oh well her you go. I wonder if he would like a lumberjack hat or one of those things that hang over the arm of your chair to hold the remote, glasses, and some chocolates?

    Love you,

  6. I've got no ideas for you, but I'm waiting to hear you roar!


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