Monday, August 31, 2009

Baby Ripple

No, this isn't a Christmas gift, it's really a UFO. But I just love the baby colors, another favorite of mine is the yellows and greens. When I don't have something that I have to make I just start off on usually a baby gift. It seems I always know someone or a relative that is expecting. Plus it just brings a smile to my face to be making something for a little one. As a matter of fact I gave this blanket away yesterday. Our neighbor across the street had her sister visiting for the weekend and she had the cutest 3 month old little girl. Well since it is August and hot, she didn't have any blankets with her. Here in South Dakota you learn to always have a jacket with you in the car, that wind comes up and it gets pretty cool without any warning. Anyway, I gave her this blanket to cover that little one and she was so surprised that I had made it. I didn't tell her how easy it was to make because it is the same row after row, I just sat there taking in all the nice comments. Yes, I'm bad 8>) I am down to 3 UFO's now, but I have lots of ideas of things I would like to make and usually those ideas beat out the things that I should be finishing. Speaking of finishing things, I finally got all my snowflakes starched and blocked. So now they are ready to send out to some friends and then the rest are to be put away until Christmas. Next I need to start on some angels, I love to make these, they seem to make me slow down and feel better about things----sort of like chocolate does!!! Time to get back to work, as if I really am!! I know me I will just sit here and look through some patterns or go through my yarn stash, can I classify that as work?? Sounds good to me 8>) Take care and have a great day.


  1. What a nice afagan. I am sure that the lady will use it a lot. Good thing you had it on hand. Everything has a purpose I guess. Your ambitious with getting all your ufo's done.

  2. Very nice. 30+ years ago I made one for my 1st baby out of pastel yellow, green and a varigated with the yellow, green and white. My exhusband kept the baby blanket and he and his 2nd wife even used it for their baby! I really like the traditional baby colors you used.


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