Friday, August 28, 2009

Garage Sales!!

Yes, we went to garage sales today. Did we need to? NO. Should we have spent the money? NO. Do we have a spot to put everything we bought? NO. Are we glad we went? Yes, yes, yes. I got this book that is pictured above for 10 cents, can you believe that? It is a guide to every kind of sewing craft you can imagine. It is in perfect shape, even the jacket cover. We hit this one sale where the daughter and g-daughter were selling all of Mommas stuff, (she was sitting there smiling), I have the feeling she is moving in with them. Anyway, I got a box of lace, 3 rolls of ribbon, 6 balls of crochet thread, 7 pairs of knitting needles, and guess what else?? I got 2 cans of June Tailor's Quilt Basting Spray--and guess what I paid for all of it--$1.00. Yep, you heard right, I didn't think I did though. All the clothes were 50 cents, I am too fat nothing ever fits me, but she had this baby blue robe that looked like fleece--I just had to have it even if I decided later to cut it up. But when I got home I tried it on and believe it or not there is enough room in it for the fronts to overlap!! Surprise, WOW. It has a zipper up the front but I can't work it with my goofy hand so I am going to put some BIG different colored buttons on there instead. We have a lot of children that live here in this complex and there is one little girl that is so shy, she just grins but doesn't talk. Well, you know me I had to get her to talk to me. Which she now does--Yay!! So today I was looking for some little something to get her, no reason just a little gift. Well I ran into the prettiest white leopard backpack, it was just precious, and when I asked the price she said, "Would you give a quarter?" OMG! Yes, I did. So first thing I did when I got home was throw it in the washer and I'm going to wash it 2 times before I throw it into the dryer. She will be so excited. I have 3 little books that I will place inside it also so she can play like she is going to school just like her big sister. Jay got some great buys also but I better let him tell you about his stuff. I hear my washer buzzing so I guess I better go start it again. I hope you all have a great weekend and we'll chat later.


  1. It is always a WONDERFUL Day when you get good bargains at a garage sale. We have a whole town garage sale coming up here after Labor Day, I always go to this one and I am looking forward to it. And yes, I always get a good deal and NO I don't need any of it but it sure is fun!

  2. I used to love garage sales when I was in the USA but here in Italy there are not. So thank you for let me go again in a garage store, my legs was your words and my eyes your hart. I feel great now! thank you again


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