Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Christmas Thoughts

Yes, I am still on the Christmas gift binge. The site I am giving you today has over 250 different styles of crocheted squares. Now I don't plan to make them all before December--but you just never know. I wonder what my youngest daughter would do if I just sent her a bunch of loose squares and told her it was a kit??? I know what she'd do--she'd mail them right back to me and tell me how sorry she was that she 'broke' the gift and could I please fix it?? Like I have said before, she is just like Jay, never at a loss for words. But I must admit I wouldn't change either one of them, but there have been times I would have liked to remove her batteries so she would be quiet for just a minute ;) I am at a real loss for Jay this year, and second thought I can't even write about some ideas because he will read this!! Jay close your eyes--I guess I am going to have to send him to the movies about 3 or 4 days in a row to be able to work on his gift--whatever that may be?? We both have always liked to make the presents for each other, but it really gets harder year after year. But I still have enough time to come up with something, I think then I will just send him to visit one of y'all for about a week while I work on it. Hello? Hello? Is anyone out there??

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  1. I like the idea of making a gift instead of buying one. I think the older people get the harder it is to find a gift for them. Yeah, Jay can come here and him and hubby can talk black powder etc. by the time they are done with all of that you should have plenty of time.LOL


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