Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cap Is Finished !!

As my title says, I have finished the cap that matches the scarf.  I am so happy to be done with both of these because I so want to start on my next project.  Plus I wonder why I have trouble sleeping?  It's because I can't stop thinking of other things to make.  Do y'all have the problem of having a project you want to make but there is nobody you know to give it to? 

I use to have this problem until I discovered how many people here in Rapid City, S.D. don't get Christmas gifts at all.  Now I must admit that some of my items are too flashy and just not practical enough for these people but I still enjoy making them and sending them all to the nursing homes here. 

My Mother is 95 and still loves something nice and even a little flashy sometimes, so I make her a necklace purse with beads for just those sort of days.  She carries her glasses in it and feels like a queen, she has even asked if I would make some for her friends, minus the beads  *LOL*  I think she likes being the fanciest of them all.  So that is my next project, a small bag with beads, just as soon as I decide what color yarn and what color beads I'll be all set.

Well, here is the photo of the cap that matches the scarf and I hope the child that receives it will enjoy wearing it and stay warm.  I hope you like how it turned out, I certainly do.


  1. Oh, it's adorable...I know your mom will love it! It's nice to hear you still have your mom as do I have both my parents, so many people my age don't anymore and I feel very blessed every single day for that.

    You know what I like about growing old(er)? You get to be a kid again and people don't mind - in fact they sort of expect it - he, he, he!

  2. Very nice. Wow! Your Mom is 95. My Mom was my best friend. She passed in 2007 in Dec., and my Dad passed 11 days later. It was a rough time and even though my parents had been divorced years and years ago, it seemed like they knew it was time for both of them to go together. That is totally silly but it helped me cope I guess. You sound so much like me as I would make lots of things for my Mom too and I knew she enjoyed anything that sparkled. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow Molly I'm sure some lucky child will love that hat and scarf I really do. You are such a thoughtful and giving person. And my goodness gracious, your Mom is 95? Well she deserves some bling if she wants it. hehe But of course her purse has to be the prettiest. What a wonderful daughter you are to make her so happy.
    Luv ya my friend, Barbara

  4. Would you share your pattern, I am having a lot of troubles finding patterns for cute crocheted hats:))

  5. Very cute hat and please do share the pattern. The majority of what I make these days is all going to charity, keeps me entertained and I try new patterns all the time, cause it will fit someone somewhere ☺


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